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Hentai PaLooza Collection 2 : Cage and Secret Sex

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  • Hentai PaLooza Collection 2 : Cage and Secret Sex
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This hot original manga is authored and written by the infamous mind of Uzuki Nakamura, who's already renowned world wide for his achievement in realistic yet perverse animes. This new anime, "Cage" will definitely surprise and shock all of you in so many ways.

Cage Chapter 1: Sakimi Endo has finally become Takuya Kakizaki's girlfriend. She thought this happiness would last forever, but something's wrong. Her perfect dreams shattered when she was betrayed by her boyfriend and now she has an incredible amount of debt on her. Not being able to pay this off, she's now d to become a sex slave to countless strangers in order to pay off the debt. Her life switched instantly from heaven to hell in a blink of an eye! Just when she thought her life is in despair forever, she receives one mysterious mail. This mysterious mail guides her the way she can get out of this nightmare. And of course, she had her worries and doubt at first, but this was the only hope she has been waiting for. So she heads for the club named "Canary" which was written on the mail. When she arrived, the one who was waiting for her behind the door was the owner of the club "Canary", Amamiya.

Cage Chapter 2: In this chapter, Sakimi Endo becomes very close with Mana Fujido. A strong friendship is bonded between one another; however, their friendship will escalate into love. In this second chapter, there's a lot more cosplay, fetish, anal, and even double penetration; lots of great sex scenes and fetishes can be seen in a very high quality! This is definitely Hentai anime at its finest.

Secret Sex Stories
A sex story can take place anywhere and anytime so long as there is a man and a woman in the world. Here we will introduce two different sex stories of three very beautiful women.

Story 1:
Having heard about a housewife passing down her late husband’s wealth to her daughter, two hoodlums invaded their home. After finding that the women did not have the money with them at the present time, the two men held the women hostage and used them to take care of their own personal sexual needs and desires.

Story 2:
A young woman accepts a job doing modeling poses for an art class. All was going well until the students demanded more out of the situation so exciting sexual encounters ensued.

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